The Tuesday Edition of #MondayMusings — The Gambler…

The gambler, Kenny Rogers once said, you gotta know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

He went on to say a number of other insightful things but we’ll save that for another day, but it begs the question, how does one truly know. The Single Guy has dated a number of girls over the last little while, no, he is not a manwhore, but he also hasn’t found that connection. That begs the question, really, what is a connection, and how does one really know.


Don’t get me wrong, he’s met some great women, and he’s also met some psychos, trust me, and they have been well documented here, have they not?

But as the gambler once said, how do you know when to fold’em, or when to walk away, we all know how to run.

Are we really being too picky? Are we looking for that perfect match? Granted men are not perfect (Flag on the play, yes, ladies, we can admit that), but are we waiting for something were never going to find? And as a result of that are we leading women down a path that is only going to enrage them down the road.

Take for example this case. Last fall, The Single Guy started dating this girl. She was fun; they had a great time together, going on adventures, going out to dinner, playing sports. She was a lot of fun; however, there just wasn’t that connection. He knew after about 3 months (woah, 3 months, yes, I know). But yet, he waited another 3 months before he cut the cord.

Why, you might ask?

Well, he wanted to make sure it wasn’t just him (although he’s beginning to think that). Did he really give her a chance? And if it didn’t work out, why didn’t it work out? Wow, don’t I sound like a big old girl right now.

I guess in a long rambling way, I’m trying to figure out is it better to cut the cord early, or give the girl a shot. I’m torn, and ladies, this is where I need your help. Perhaps we really need to delve into this issue deeper.

As always, I welcome your thoughts….

Happy Monday!

#MondayMusings – A divorce for cheating with a guy you’ve never met


Over the weekend, the Single Guy read an interesting piece on online flirting and divorce. It made him think, wow, thank god he really isn’t married. According to the Daily Mail, online flirting, even without any physical contact, is grounds for divorce according to the courts in France.

Wow, thank goodness the Single Guydoesn’t live in France.

A 45-year-old woman was deemed “a cheater” after she had a relationship with men she had never met in person but did exchange chats and intimate pictures with, online. The couple had been together for 18 years before separating over the affair. A judge has granted the husband’s demand for a divorce, agreeing that the break-up was the sole fault of the wife due to her online infidelity. French law states that spouses owe each other mutual respect, fidelity and help.

The husband’s lawyer said, “Everyone agreed there had been no physical infidelity, but the judge considered that the act of seeking an extra-marital relationship was offensive behavior towards the husband.

So what gives? Why is it that either side cannot find a reason to commit. Why is it, we are never content. A while back, the Single Guy talked about ’til Death do us part. Is there really such a thing, or is there just a thing as a security blanket. This couple had been together for 18 years, and now here is one party sending intimate photos to someone she hasn’t even met before. What gives? How does this happen? (well, other than the obvious answer), but how does one go from happily married to, hey random person, check this out.

Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m just naive, but something tells me, there isn’t such a thing as til death do us part but rather until divorce do us part.

But hey, what do I know, I’m just the Single Guy!

#FridayFile – More Crazy Voicemails

FridayIt’s everyone’s favourite day of the week — Friday and well, who could forget, the #FridayFile. This week we go to a post by the Breakup Doctor, who posted, one of my favourites — The crazy ex-gf voicemail.

Long live the crazy chicks!


The Single Guy finally learns about about Tinder

o-TINDER-DATING-APP-facebookA couple of months ago, I made the switch from BlackBerry to iPhone. It was a traumatic experience for me being someone who’s had a BlackBerry for only 10 years. However I never had a choice in the matter, therefore the decision was very much out of my hands. Since then I’ve been navigating around the iPhone figuring out exactly how it works and all the toys that come with it.

One of the things that I’ve learned is the in ordinate amount of apps that are available through iPhone and android as well. For years, my friends chastised me for having a BlackBerry urging me to switch to an iPhone. You’ll never look back … They said and you know what, they were right.

The other night The Single Guy was out for some drinks with a couple friends and one of them pulled out their iPhone and showed them this new app. You gotta try it he said. The app is called Tinder – The Single Guy had never heard of it.

Man, you got to get on this thing it’s awesome.

Check it out. He began swiping left swiping right at pictures of hot girls bracket and some not so hot girls flew past the screen click ”

What the hell you doing I asked it simple he said swipe right if you like them swipe left if you don’t. If she likes you, you can then message each other.

Are you serious? I asked. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

So I did what any single guy would do – I pulled out my phone and downloaded the app.

The Single Guy has been on tinder now for just over a month and to be honest it’s quite comical. While it’s an interesting innovation of social media use it tends to be more of a glorified pick up site.

Has The Single Guy met any women on there? Of course he has. However guys tend to get a bad rap on that site because they simply just want to hook up.

But let me say this, if the girls on tinder are not looking for a hook up, why are they putting such provocative pictures of themselves up? I’m talking bikini shots. Cleavage shots. If you’re a guy, what are you supposed to think? Sure girls like to show off and like to show off their bodies however what does this say about them, and more so, why is it a guy’s fault if he gets the wrong idea?

So now that I’ve written a post it totally makes me look like a 65-year-old man not knowing about technology and things that the kids are using, check out tinder, which I’m sure many of you are already on and let me know what you think of this glorified hookup site. And if you have any fantastic pictures you like to share The Single Guy would be happy to post them.


The Return of @FollowSingleGuy

simon-cowell-hes-backOk, I may not be Simon Coweel, but I am, the Single Guy! And I’m back….

After a bit of a hiatus the single guys back. Just in time for everyone’s favorite time of year… Summer time, when the girls come out you haven’t seen months hibernation

So where did you go? Well a number of places.

Work got in the way, the very hectic travel schedule me trying to find some time to blog next to impossible.

A couple of girls got in the the way — after all the single guy is only human. It’s kind of hard to blog while you’re with him.

However, enough of the excuses. The single guy commits that this will never happen again.

Because summer time is far too important to leave our faithful readers without stories of hot, sexy, crazy single chicks, it’s time to dust ourselves off and get back on the horse. .

Summer of 2014 — it’s going to epic!

#MondayMusings – The life of a Single Guy on Valentines Day

SGvalentinesFriday night was an interesting night. Not only was it because it was Valentine’s Day, but mainly because all of the usual suspects were otherwise occupied.

You see those are my usual Friday night friends (as I like to call them). For some reason they were otherwise occupied. They seemed to keep telling me they couldn’t get together because they were “putting in time” – umm, were they going to jail?

So I found myself otherwise short on Friday friends. But rest assured, I found one, and we did what we’ve done the past couple years. We went hunting.

We grabbed dinner at restaurant downtown and then headed to a lounge for some drinks. Surprisingly when we hit the lounge there were surprisingly a number of single girls out. We grabbed a few drinks and did what we did best. Just started chatting with people.

We mocked each other for being single. We mocked our friends who were at home whispering sweet nothings into each other ears and we mocked the commercialization. All the while the drinks kept flowing.

It was a great night. But I guess my question really is – why does it have to be so daunting to be single on Valentine’s Day? Do we really need someone to define us? Do we really need to be with someone to validate ourselves? And are we really afraid to be single?

I say no.

There’s someone out there for everyone, it just comes down to whether you’re ready to settle.

Until then – long live the Single Nights of Valentine’s Day!

Happy #ValentinesDay!

Happy Hallmark Day Guys (and Single Guys). I hope you took my last posting to heart and did something for that special someone, because if you didn’t – wow, are you ever in for it.

The Single Guy actually received something from today from a new lady who has yet to be featured on this blog yet, however, it did make me chuckle. He received an e-card from her which was featured on the website Guy Code.

Now for those of you who haven’t heard of it, Guy Code is an online TV show and blog featured by MTV. Yes, I did say MTV. Laugh it up. No, I’m not 14 and no I’m not a teeny bopper, but check it out.

They featured a blog posting on their site entitled 10 Honest Valentine’s Day Cards For The Girl You Just Started Dating.

How genius!

As you saw in my last posting, sometimes there’s that awkward in between area. Do you send something, do you not? Do you send a text, do you not? What’s one to do?

I have to say, what she did was funny, because it was one of those things that brought light to the situation that, yes, a card isn’t appropriate, but a card mocking it is definitely appropriate.

Which one did she send me…



I’m just wondering if she’s into puppet shows, or does she think I’m black !?!?

#SingleGuyChatter – Valentines Day! The Hallmark Holiday!

hallmarkThis Friday marks the most loathed holiday by men all across the world – Valentine’s Day, or as I like to call it, the Hallmark Holiday.

Most guys have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Sure, it’s a fine opportunity to show just how much we care about our better half’s – whether they be wife’s and girls friends, who knows, maybe you have both, but why must we commercialize it into a soul-sucking sham of a holiday that goads us, each year, into obligatory (and expensive) displays of affection

The fact is, February 14th shouldn’t hold sway as such a spotlight moment, this steroidal, adrenalized love hijacking dressed in red ribbon and made sick on bad candies and cheap wine.

But why do women love Valentine’s Day so much. What makes one day different than 365 other days of the year. It’s really quite simple:

They like the attention.
Let’s not kid each other. Valentine’s Day isn’t for guys. It’s not even for couples. It’s a holiday that celebrates how much we care about women. That’s right, this is our day. And unlike other opportunities for men to shower their women with affection, it’s actually a day marked on our calendar. All women really want is for our world to revolve around them. On Valentine’s Day they can pretend it actually does.

It’s an excuse to be super romantic.
Women know it’s not right, but years of secretly (and not-so secretly) watching romantic comedies have brainwashed them into thinking we need grand gestures and sonnets and men who like to brush our hair as we fall asleep. For some reason, women are just hardwired to like romance. And sure, they’re happy being your “pal”, your confidant, and the girlfriend all your buddies love, but they also want to be the girl you’re still trying to get. They want the butterflies. They want you to take their breath away (whatever that means). They don’t want all romance all the time, but once a year its nice let our inner princesses get some air.

They like chocolate.
Yes, I know, give it to me, because I deserve it, but it’s true – women love chocolate.

Validation                                                                                                                                                                                                                          All that said, women really love Valentine’s Day because (if you plays your cards correctly) it reinforces their choice of partner. Guys are hardwired to make babies with boatloads of females, but women are built to choose the best possible mate. It’s a sign that they have great taste in men, but also that they’re smart, desirable, and more alpha than the next girl. They want to know we picked a guy who deep down would do anything to make us happy, even if that means playing along with the whole Valentine’s Day charade.


So fellas, do yourself a favour – play along with the Charade, buy some flowers, some chocolates and make her day. It’ll pay dividends down the road.


#CrazyStudy – Kijiji Problems

kijijiAbout 6 months ago, a good friend of mine became single and back in the vicious market of ‘single guy-dome.’ For him, it was a tough break up. It was his first serious girlfriend. Those are always the toughest, and as all guys typically do, they rally around their ‘bros’ in a non-girly way.

It took him a while to come back to his usual self but when he did, he was ready. I told him about some of my experiences and some of the crazy stories I’ve encountered and he found them amusing and intriguing.

He chose to take it one step further. A few months ago, he joined the online dating world and began ‘casual dating.’ He was going on 2-3 dates a week and I joked he was almost a minor celebrity. He was actually pretty honest with the girls and surprisingly they were with him, well, except one….

My friend went on a couple dates with this girl; we’ll call her, umm, Mackenzie. Things were going well. They went out for dinner a couple of times, he took her to a hockey game, and well, all the other fun stuff that go with it.

However, the allure wore off, and well, it was time to part ways. Guys sometimes aren’t good at this part and well, sometimes we choose to end things in less than stellar ways. In this case, my friend, well, he stopped calling, and maybe stopped texting.

Mackenzie clearly didn’t like that. So after the phone calls weren’t returned, then the angry voicemails started, followed by the apologetic texts, and well, then the angry texts. Then, Mackenzie pulled the ultimate revenge on my buddy; we’ll call him, umm, Mike.

 ** Mike’s phone rings **


Caller: “Hi, I’m calling about the Xbox.”

Mike: “I think you have the wrong number”

Then his phone rang again. As he was answering it, he got two text messages

 Caller: “Hi, I’m calling about the Xbox.”

Mike: “Sorry, you have the wrong number”

He put his phone down and saw the two text messages were now six text messages.

They all said, “Hey man, is the Xbox still available?”

Mike knew something was up.

His phone kept ringing.

Finally, he asked one of the callers.

It turns out; “Mike” had placed an ad on Kijiji advertising a FREE XBOX, and 13 games. For free. What a nice guy!?!?! And the best part, the ad also said, ‘don’t email – call or text anytime.’

And call and text, they did.

After about another 25 phone calls and nearly 50 text messages, Mike decided to send a text to the only person he knew who could do something like this. However, she seemed confused.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Deny, deny, and deny, she did, but after all of it, she still wanted to see Mike.

“Really? After all of that, you still want to see me again?” he asked.

Clearly, that wasn’t going to happen.

 But the best part … in order for Mackenzie to see Mike again, she’d probably have to move, after all, she was dating, seeing, and banging my friend Mike, all the while living with her boyfriend!



We’ll be back on Friday for this week’s episode of the Friday File.

#MondayMusings — Men’s Underwear. Do they matter?

undewearA few weeks ago I read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail about men’s underwear which focussed on if women really care about what men wear. It caused me to think about my own personal situation and do some digging in my own underwear drawer.

As guys, we have this annoying habit of wearing underwear until they basically disintegrate. Why? Because they’re perfectly fine. (Admit it guys, we all think it if not have said it). So after going through my own drawer, wow, it was time to go shopping.

But do women really care? And should we, as guys care? Absolutely!

Let’s think about this for a second, as guys, were extremely judgemental in how girls look, what they wear, and especially THEIR underwear choices. If you were with a girl and discovered as you were, umm, let’s say, exploring, and you discovered she was wearing ‘granny panties’ what would you do? You’d freak out, or become extremely turned off. I know I would.

(I’m pretty sure that every girl who reads this site is now screaming at their computer screen saying, “HE’S RIGHT!!!!)

 So why don’t we hold ourselves to the same standard as women? Especially ‘grooming’ or ‘manscaping’ as it’s commonly called (we’ll save that conversation for another day.)

But guys, do yourself a favour – read the article, it’s worth the read, and then start to purge your underwear drawer. The ladies will thank you for it.